Daisy Sugar Cubes

Daisy Shaped Sugar Cubes are unique and add an elegant touch to coffee, tea, cocktails, and more.


Daisy sugar cubes can also be used as cupcake toppers and to decorate cookies and cakes.  The sugar cubes are available in a variety of colors as well as color combinations.     

SugarShoppeLA has exactly what you need for your next event and adds a unique touch of sweetness to favors and gifts!

 Sugar cubes can be matched with your party theme to add a touch of personalization to your event. The sugar cubes can also be matched to the tea set or china you are using to serve tea to your guests in the finest style.

These custom shaped daisy sugar cubes can be used to decorate desserts, cupcakes and cakes. If you are celebrating a child’s birthday, add a special touch by using sugar cubes as cake décor.

When added to coffee, tea, or other beverages, the sugar cubes do not alter the color or taste of coffee or tea. SugarShoppeLA’s sugar cubes simply add to the sweet taste of your beverage and add a touch of style to your serving.





Engagement Rings Perfect for Bridal Showers

These unique Engagement Ring Sugar Cubes are made-to-order and the perfect addition to any engagement party, bridal shower, and wedding! They are also great as cupcake toppers.

Engagement ring sugar cubes are meant to add glamour, style, and color to your special events. They are the perfect addition to bridal showers, weddings, and even bachelorette parties.  They are great as cake and cupcake toppers or are a sweet addition to your morning cup of coffee or tea.

Special events come once in a lifetime so make them unique by adding a custom sugar cube to your next event.  These engagement ring sugar cubes are the sweetest party favor and guests will enjoy taking home this sweet sugar cube.

Engagement rings sugar cubes are available in any color and can be made to match wedding and event colors.  Mix and match to create the perfect custom color blend for your special day.

When used in either hot or cold beverages, the sugar cubes will dissolve completely without changing the color of the beverage.



Sugar Baby's First Birthday

by Caitlin Gluvers of two bassets and a baby

Planning my daughter's first birthday party was something I dreamed of before she was even born.  My mother is a wonderful hostess and growing up I always helped her plan everything from Thanksgiving dinner to countless bridal and baby showers.  We love to entertain so I couldn't wait to throw Emilia the first birthday party of her (well, mostly my) dreams.

When it came to Emilia's birthday party, there was an added challenge--the dreaded Christmas birthday--December 28th to be exact.  The holidays are a busy time for everyone, and no one really wants to add another gift-giving occasion to the calendar!  But, it was important to me that Emilia felt special and had her own celebration.  So instead of running in the other direction, we embraced her "Christmas birthday" and chose to celebrate with a Sugar Plum Ball, inspired by the ballet, The Nutcracker.

In order to remain sane through Christmas celebrations and Emilia's party three days later, I decided to focus on one main table as the center of her party.  And the centerpiece of that table was, of course, the dessert!  I knew I wanted to incorporate SugarShoppeLA's adorable sugar cubes into the decor.  I reached out to Brittany months in advance and we brainstormed what sugars would be the perfect fit for the theme.  In the end, we decided on pink princess crowns and delicate snowflakes.  I ordered a gorgeous smash cake for Emilia and mini cupcakes for our guests.  I used the sugar cubes as mini cupcake toppers and they were absolutely perfect!  In fact, they stole the show! 

It can be a daunting task trying to plan the perfect celebration for your little one.  But I found that focusing my attention on one small area made the whole planning process more manageable and the party a huge success!  I find that the small touches and added details are really what makes a party memorable.  SugarShoppeLA's sugar cubes were the perfect addition to the desserts and guests of the party still mention their uniqueness to me!  Those details will be what I remember from that day for years to come!

For more of Caitlin Gluvers' mommy stories and strategies, head over to her fabulous blog: two bassets and a baby

Posted on June 8, 2015 .